subduction zone

subduction zone
subduction zone noun
The Benioff zone
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  • subduction zone — ALASKA VOLCANO OBSERVATORY GLOSSARY The zone of convergence of two tectonic plates, one of which usually overrides the other. GLOSSARY OF VOLCANIC TERMS A sloping region at collisional plate boundaries where one tectonic plate overrides another… …   Glossary of volcanic terms

  • subduction zone — Oceanic trench area in which, according to the theory of plate tectonics, the seafloor underthrusts an adjacent plate, dragging the accumulated trench sediments downward into the Earth s upper mantle. See also deep sea trench. * * * ▪ geology… …   Universalium

  • subduction zone — noun A region of the Earth where one tectonic plate is diving beneath another into the interior of the Earth …   Wiktionary

  • subduction zone — /səbˈdʌkʃən zoʊn/ (say suhb dukshuhn zohn) noun Geology an area of convergence between a sinking tectonic plate and an overriding plate …   Australian-English dictionary

  • Cascadia subduction zone — The Cascadia subduction zone is a subduction zone, a type of convergent plate boundary that stretches from northern Vancouver Island to northern California. GeologyThe zone separates the Juan de Fuca, Explorer, Gorda and the North American Plates …   Wikipedia

  • Kermadec-Tonga Subduction Zone — The Kermadec Tonga Subduction Zone is a convergent tectonic plate boundary which stretches from the North Island of New Zealand northward, and includes the Hikurangi Trough, the Kermadec Trench and the Tonga Trench. Along this zone, the Pacific… …   Wikipedia

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  • Subduction — In geology, a subduction zone is an area on Earth where two tectonic plates meet and move towards one another, with one sliding underneath the other and moving down into the mantle, at rates typically measured in centimeters per year. An oceanic… …   Wikipedia

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  • subduction — /seuhb duk sheuhn/, n. 1. an act or instance of subducting; subtraction or withdrawal. 2. Geol. the process by which collision of the earth s crustal plates results in one plate s being drawn down or overridden by another, localized along the… …   Universalium

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